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The role of social media marketing in Croatia tourism industry

In modern day and age we are surrounded by social networks which are trying to attract our attention. It seems to me that the big corporations do have facebook, twitter and google + for the sake of having it although I might be mistaken. For huge players this type of both way interaction works well if you are to reach a CEO who is bound to follow all the facebook comments and listen to customers opinions and comments alike.

For small restaurants, tour sellers, travel agencies, facebook, twitter and You Tube channels represent an ideal opportunity to promote themselves directly with the clients and create a dual way interaction. The only problem lies with the fact that the owners of the former need to realize these opportunities and act accordingly to catch the social media marketing train at least when Dubrovnik and Croatia is concerned.

Intercon Dubrovnik has realized the importance of modern age integrated communication in Dubrovnik tourism industry and afar and our in house team is trying the up most best to inform our current and future clients about events and happenings on the Croatian market itself.

But by getting the feedback from the clients can the operators improve the offers on the market and bring the novelty factor to it.

Also the Ministry of Tourism is stretching their efforts and doing a great job of extending the tourist season, here I had in mind the project Croatia 365 and the so called viral marketing can help hugely promotion wise. As a result Zagreb is recording an imposing increase in figures from the tourist visitors in winter months. A proof what social media does spread a good voice about certain destinations.

photo of zagreb

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