Happy New Year,2015

Happy New Year!!! May 2015 be a prosperous one for all of us!!!

Christmas is over the New Year is coming. Funnily enough my friends bought me a golf club for Christmas. Well I am open about it, I am not on a payroll of any lobby but I believe that golf in Dubrovnik would bring more good than bad. I am also glad that nautical tourism is seeing the better days when it comes to the improvement of the infrastructure. The new charter marina is being built in Slano and hopefully the redevelopment of the port of Gruz would bring more mega yachts. We at Intercon are optimists when it comes to the prospects of the coming 2015.

The  Dubrovnik is not only in its streets ,churches and monuments but in its tradition.On New Year’s eve people of Dubrovnik go from door to door and sing a special New Year carol. It is tradition called “kolendavanje”. So carol singers,”kolendari” are often treated to a drink and a cake and kids are given small change.

We, here at Intercon are not great singers but we wholeheartedly wish you all people, present, past and future clients as well as the partners, a happy and a prosperous new 2015!!!

Happy New Year,2015

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