Intercon Croatia



Croatia, the country of the unpreserved beauty, where the clear waters of the Mediterranean meet the waterfalls of Plitvice and the wild almost unwelcoming mountains of Northern Velebit and Paklenica. The former two, Risnjak and the world famous Plitvice lakes in the mountainous part of the country and with Kornati Archipelago, Brioni Archipelago, island of Mljet and Krka waterfalls, on the coastal part a total of 8 national parks, two arboretums, 4 300 plant species, Croatia is by far a country of the primordial beauty. You can visit those beauty spots depending on which Intercon’s explore Croatia tour you take, that from Zagreb to Dubrovnik thus visiting Plitvice, passing through Velebit and Paklenica and passing by Krka waterfalls or on the other side if you are to book Intercon Travel northbound coastal tour from Zagreb to Istria, you are to explore Brioni and will be passing through Gorski kotar.

The history of any country determines its cultural heritage. From renaissance to baroque, from Diocletian Roman province to Austria-Hungarian rule, Croatia’s history has left a landmark in the world cultural heritage. Dubrovnik Republic was among the first states in the world to have recognized United States of America. It was a Croat who first appeared at the French court with a tie. The modern day history recognizes Slavoljub Penkala as the inventor of pen. Talking about Croatian cities; Vukovar,Bjelovar, Osijek,Varazdin, Zagreb, Rovinj, Pula, Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik are all historical monuments in their own right. All of these cities can be visited if you book Intercon Travel’s Explore Continental Croatia tour from Zagreb to Vukovar or Explore northbound coastal Croatia from Zagreb to Rovinj via Pula or the most famous southbound tour from Zagreb to Dubrovnik.

Mediterranean cuisine ample in fish and mussels coupled with Slavonian wine, yet to be discovered and the game specialities of Lika has produced warm and welcoming people that are Croatians. No wonder that Croatia has some of the worlds best sportsmen just to mention one name in particular, the best basketball player of all times: Drazen Petrovic.

So my fellow travelers & friends : “Dobrodoshli u Hrvatsku “ or simply: “Welcome to Croatia”