dalmatian cuisine

The culinary type of holiday in Dubrovnik-Croatia

The holiday market gets more specific from one season to the other. In the UK, they are TV channels devoted to 24/7 cooking and I personally witnessed the making of huge celebrity chefs. I remember the time when London’s Evening Standard run the story of Gordon Ramsey walking out of the kitchen of a swanky Soho restaurant leaving it staffless. Ramsey was such a talent that the rest of the staff left the restaurant with him. Dubrovnik was not London by far but it did have a chef with a Micheline star: Gilles who subsequently set up a Gilles Bistro, a restaurant on its own. It is indeed common knowledge that the chefs do have big egos but this is useless in Dubrovnik restaurant scene which is owner orientated. And it is hard to distinguish Croatian cuisine from the neighboring Italian although this should not be the case. Croatia is such a diversified country with a rich, somewhat turbulent history which shows up and is reflected in the national cuisine.

This causes a problem in the competitive market of the culinary because how to approach Slavonian cuisine which is continental to the visiting tourists during the peak summer season in Dalmatia.

Some would say, well you open Slavonian restaurant in Dalmatia. Wrong I would argue, it is not the same water, air and the habitat. Simply, organize yourself and set up a grand tour of the Croatian cuisine and use the country’s diversity to your advantage. On the local level, I would use the benefits of the local media, especially television and would pick up a local talented chef and offer him a chance to show off his skills in a local tv culinary show which would be watched by tourists in their hotel rooms. Being local makes you become global!!!

dalmatian cuisine

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