christmas in Dubrovnik

Christmas Greetings from Intercon Dubrovnik Croatia

Everywhere you go, you are reminded of Christmas as the sounds of Christmas jingles are resonating deep down in your consumer mind. So what if last Christmas I gave her my heart, maybe this Christmas to save me from tears I am going to offer her sunny Christmas holiday in Croatia. Humans are strange breed because it is the case that everyone in Croatia is really dreaming of a white Christmas whereas I bet if you are an average Fin, Suede or Norwegian all you dream about is sunny Christmas with lots of vodka and the only ice you wish for is that of an ice cube in your cocktail glass. Wakey, wakey people, there is work to be done and I would imagine that the fabulous project Croatia 365, out to feature advent in sunny Croatia. Zagreb is learning the tricks of the trade very fast and in a year or two it is to become the advent capital on the Christmas must to visit places list. Well, great I thought but I miss our Croatian Brazilians Eduardo and Sammir. I honestly don’t know what it is but my Google Analytics statistics is showing me more and more hits from Brazil. Viva la samba et futbol I thought to myself and then again this is not by chance that Brazilians like us.Well if you do not mind me saying we , Croatians are Brazilians of Europe. We love football, we adore samba although we are crap at dancing it and we have Seve Nationale, the name of the Brazilian equivalent singer escapes me, all I know that she is very religious now.
But hey it is Christmas, and it is time for being merry and happy. It is that time of the year when all of us are happy that we have carried ourselves forward through yet more work and personal challenges ( with or without little help from our friends, wives, husbands,sons,daughters,pets,mums,dads,aunts and so forth )
We at Intercon wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New 2015!

christmas greetings from Intercon Dubrovnik

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