Chinese dragon

Chinese tourists influx into Dubrovnik-Croatia?

Chinese are coming to Croatia. Thanks Dragon for that!!!

I have recently read in the Croatian daily “Jutarnji list” information that Chinese have chosen Zadar as the first point of entry to Croatia. I have asked Intercon’s and Croatia’s top expert on Chinese travel market Mr. Kristian Vrbanic, what did this mean for Dubrovnik as Chinese most favorite destination. Mr Vrbanic who played a small but crucial part in bringing Chinese tour operators in Croatia explained to me that this is an unprecedented step for the arrival of Chinese tourists via direct charter lines and that Dubrovnik would also benefit from it. In the words of Mr Vrbanic, Zadar is ideal for Chinese for three reasons. It is close to Plitvice Lakes National Park, it is close to Italy and it is well connected with the capital Zagreb road wise. Mr Vrbanic also highlighted the fact that direct line established by Air Serbia from Zagreb to Belgrade would also speed up the process of frequent visits from Chinese tourists and businessmen alike hence there is already regular flight from Beijing to Belgrade. The former only stresses importance of Dubrovnik becoming even stronger airline destination. As for the road and railway infrastructure perhaps we are to wait answers from the Croatian delegation which unfortunately went to summit with the Chinese prime minister, recently held in Belgrade, without Mr Milanovic. Business before politics I would say, prosperity before the lack of vision in the longer run.

Chinese dragon

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